blueQUEST: a network of Corporate Responsibility experts

The experts of the blueQUEST network share the conviction that a key factor in organisational performance is the effective management of social and environmental issues.

blueQUEST members are known for their competence in the definition and implementation of social and environmental programmes, combined with deep specialised experience in their chosen fields.

Embedding CR in the organisational core

While the integration of Corporate Responsibility (CR) policies presents organisations with a variety of strategic options, demonstrably successful approaches all have two features in common: they are in seamless alignment with the organisation’s core strategy and are tightly anchored operationally.

blueQUEST will partner with youto energise your organisation’s CR strategy and implement it operationally.

A multi-disciplinary team

Our network of experts covers all the dimensions of corporate responsibility (environment, responsible purchasing, community engagement, responsible marketing, human capital, etc.).

Below is a sample of profiles from the network. Please contact us for more information.

Fanny Garcia

Fanny has 15 years' experience in CR and purchasing. A former analyst, she has held senior roles as a management consultant and was CR Director for a major French apparel retailer. She is a registered expert on the Global Social Compliance Programme's Equivalence Process both for Environment and for Social benchmarking.

Alexandre Mabille

An environmental engineer, Alexandre has over 15 years' experience in risk management and in environmental impact evaluation for agricultural and industrial projects. His areas of expertise include water treatment, waste management and site and soil contaminations.

Alan McClay

Alan consults in international strategy, governance and CR for international non-profits and small businesses. He has over 25 years' management experience, including as CEO of an international organisation in the food retail and FMCG sectors, is a company director and has consulted with a wide array of businesses and organisations in sectors ranging from food and FMCG to energy, investment and logistics. He is a registered expert for the Global Social Compliance Programme.

Daniel Fues

Daniel is a chemical engineer with 25 years of experience in consultancy for the apparel retail and manufacturing industry. His speciality is management of environmental impacts and product safety, particularly in supporting the compliance of textile items for the European market.

Chantal Mahmoudi

Chantal has over 20 years of experience in industrial coordination and in quality management for the textile sector. She has been both in charge of quality control and an auditor, and now works with brands in strengthening their upstream quality support systems.

Jean-Yves Le Moine

Jean-Yves' expertise covers 20 years encompassing the whole digital value chain. His speciality today is the creative application of digital marketing in consulting and project management around innovation and technological forecasting. He has extensive knowledge of big data analytics, includin opportunities and challenges in the CR field (big data as CR performance enabler, users’ privacy issues, etc.).

Our references

Launched in 2012, the BlueQUEST network has worked with several organisations and companies internationally in various sectors.

  • Accor
  • Association du Don en Nature
  • B&B Hotels
  • BSCI
  • CCI 78
  • Celio
  • Chloé
  • Eco-TLC
  • Groupe Etam
  • Fédération de la Maille et de la Lingerie
  • GSCP
  • Havas Voyages
  • jennyfer
  • Mercure
  • Reims Management School
  • Vinci
  • Entreprise et Droits Humains
  • Chantelle

For further information

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